Budweiser - The Official Beer of the World Cup

Budweiser - The Official Beer of the World Cup
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Budweiser - The Official Beer

As the Official Beer of the FIFA World Cup, Budweiser is giving fans the once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the FIFA World Cup in person by dropping hundreds of red prize boxes in major cities that include signed memorabilia, a year’s supply of Budweiser, and the grand prize of a trip to the tournament.

Beginning August 13, coordinates leading to prize boxes will be revealed to fans who scanned exclusive Budweiser QR codes. These exclusive QR codes were shared on Budweiser and athlete partner social accounts earlier this week, spurring curiosity and excitement from eager fans.

Soccer is an important passion point for Budweiser, with a strong partnership with the FIFA world cup since 2016. Budweiser drinkers are 24% more likely to watch soccer.