TapouT Performance Drink

TapouT Performance Drinks
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TapouT Performance Drink

TapouT is the first advanced performance drink that focuses on all three levels of physical support: activation, hydration and recovery resulting in increased endurance and performance.

TapouT Drink Formulator and sports nutrition expert, Sanjeev Javia specializes in developing innovative functional beverages with health benefits for the consumer. Since 2000, Sanjeev has advised some of the world’s most elite athletes on fitness and nutrition. His client list includes Super Bowl MVPs, Cy Young Award Winners, Stanley Cup Champions, Olympic Gold Medalist and more.

TapouT performance drinks offer much more than water alone, but we're not a protein drink designed to help you bulk up or a caffeinated energy drink that gives you a false boost at the start of your workout. TapouT is designed for the active consumer looking for a balanced blend of nutrients, such as electrolytes and vitamins, that will optimize performance as well as speed up recovery after intense physical exertion.

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