Third Space Brewing Distribution Expansion

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Despite disruptions associated with the pandemic, Third Space Brewing increased sales of its popular craft beers more than 23 percent in 2020 to 10,695 barrels—without setting foot in a large portion of Wisconsin. In 2021, the growing craft brewery will expand its distribution territory to include the remainder of Wisconsin, with expectations of selling over 14,000 barrels statewide.

Beechwood Sales and Service Statewide Craft Sales Manager, Cliff Kaplan: “I can’t deny the excitement that both myself and our team felt with the news of an opportunity to expand our reach with this amazing brand. In just a few short years I have personally witnessed the rapid and meteoric growth of Third Space amidst a highly charged and competitive craft beer landscape.  The success we have collectively enjoyed is a tribute to their exceptional brewing, marketing, and a genuine understanding of our contemporary craft culture."

The new territory expansion will launch on April 5, 2021, anchored by Third Space Brewing’s year-round favorites like Happy Place, Upward Spiral IPA, Light It Up Craft Lager, and Unite the Clans Scottish Ale. The new territories will also see distribution of Third Space Brewing’s new year-round Heavenly Haze and its popular year-round, Frog Weiss Fruited Sour, along with various new and returning seasonal and special releases.

Retailers, Ask your Sales Rep if Beechwood will be servicing your county for Third Space Brewing needs!

Or Find out more about the Expansion HERE.