Downeast Cider

Downiest Cider Original Unfiltered
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Downiest Cider Original Unfilt

Introducing Downeast Cider! The Unfiltered Craft Cider. #3 Largest and Fastest growing Craft Cider producer in the country.

Downeast Cider was founded by brothers Ross and Matt Brockman. They took notice of the large precense of hard cider on thier travels abroad. Upon evaluating the disappointing landscape of the hard cider in the US, they made it thier goal to build New England's first and largest craft hard cider company, and restore hard cider to its rightful place in American Culture. They also are responsible for creating the original "unfiltered" cider, a new growing niche in the hard cider market, and arguably the first of its kind. They decided on a few basics to differentiate the product. Five fresh apples go into every 12 oz. can and filtering all that good stuff would mean filtering out flavor.