What's Brewing

Forbidden Root Partners with Beechwood

We are excited to announce Forbidden Root from Chicago, IL is now available throughout Wisconsin!

About Forbidden Root

Through our unique approach to brewing, we explore a rich world of ingredients, forgotten recipes, and creative flavors. We love hops, grain, water, yeast--they trigger our obsession with process and challenge us to explore new techniques. But, when we have access to a vast world of rich ingredients, why should craft beer be limited to three botanics?  

We brew beers around flavor, texture, and aroma--not just style. Through modern processes and equipment, like our flavor torpedo hop-back, we’re able to extract deep flavor and bursting aromatics--some of which are totally new to beer.

Whether we’re brewing a classic IPA or a sensory-enhancing Cherrytree Amaro, we strive for an integrated, approachable, and nuanced whole. Through our dedication to process, research, and innovation, we hope our craft beers evoke the natural world and what we call the botanic beer experience.